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Gaïa's Story

Gaïa was carved out of white marble more than 20 years ago. 


Today Anne is giving her a second life and reforging her in ceramic. 


In Portugal, she partnered with some of the best local ceramists to create top quality vases. And because each piece is 100% handmade, the texture and the colour will vary from one vase to another, making each vase unique. 

Filling & Drying

The first step is the filling. It consists of cementing the liquid ceramic paste into a plaster cast. The water contained in the paste is absorbed by the plaster, while the rest of the mixture solidifies on the surface of the mold. The artisan then carefully removes the clay from the mold and lets it dry in the ambient air.


The piece is cooked into a 1000 degrees oven. The clay loses moisture and plasticity, to become white and rigid, creating the ideal texture to absorb the glaze.


The process involves coating the vase with a liquid which works as a filter and colour. The piece returns to the oven for the last time, where the glaze merges with the clay and reveals the colour and sparkle of its surface. 

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