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Anne is a member of the ADAGP


Anne Podbielski was brought up in Geneva, where she started a career in the finance industry. However, her job did not satisfy her creative needs and decided to focus exclusively on her artistic passion.

Her instinct, combined with stubborn research, led her towards purified forms; combining strength and simplicity. Through its minimalist masks, the complex writing of the individual takes shape.

Drawn to stone since a very early age, it was only natural for her to carve by hand a variety of materials: gypsum, marble, granite and alabastos and discovers deep affinities with bronze- through its texture and combination of colours.

Her characters with rounded shapes are a mixture of abstraction and positive energy. Brancusi, J. Epstein, Moore and the Easter Island sculpture have strongly inspired her. As Martin Gray so aptly put it "emotion is the instant or a being forgot its fractures that divides it into pieces – a sensitivity, a reason, a social appearance – to come together and manifest that it no longer wants to accept this division of the ego, it is moved entirely by this emotion."

Most recently, Anne moved to Portugal where she started working with local craft-men to transform her art in timeless homeware pieces. Her aim is to integrate art into everyday life through the domestication of her sculptures. 


Inspired by the atmosphere of her new adopted country she then created “GAÏA” in a palette of bright warm or acid colours to enhance this wonderful hand made work associating the purity of the line to the imperfection artisanal tradition making every single vase a unique piece of Art.

Collective Exhibitions

2020: Conventinho de Santo Antonio, Ponte da Chamusca, Pinherio Grande

2015 : Salle d'Exposition "YVAIN", Port de la Houle, 35260 Cancale
2010 : Galerie Cécile Charron, 75015 Paris
2009/2013 : Hôtel Astor, 11 rue d’Astorg, 75008 Paris - France
2007 : Galerie Art D’Ailleurs D’Aujourd’hui, 75006 Paris - France
2007 : Cabinet d’Avocats LOVELLS, 75116 Paris - France
2002/2006 : WOOLFF Gallery, Londres - GB
2006 : Galerie Garcia-Laporte, 75008 Paris
2006 : Caves de Byrrh, Thuir-France
2004 : Galerie AIDAC, Collioure - France
2004 : Jonathan Poole Gallery, Cheltenham - GB
2003 : Galerie Pinet de Gaulade, Collioure - France
2003 : El Pont Galeria, Besalu - Espagne
2003 : Institut Français, Londres-, Royaume Uni
2003 : Jonathan Poole Gallery, Cheltenham - GB
2002 : The Gallery, Londres, GB
2002 : Jonathan Poole Gallery - GB
2001 : Eden Monceau, Paris - France
2001 : Galerie Cafetal,Paris - France
2001 : Galerie Actuality, Paris - France

2008/2014 : GMAC Paris France

2005/2010 : Galerie Castang, Perpignan
2009 : Salon d'automne de Guérande - Loire Atlantique
2006 : Prieuré Saint Georges, La Chapelle en Serval - France
2006 : 20 ième salon des Arts, Margency - France
2006 : Exclusiv’o Galerie – Courtrait – Belgique

2006: Galerie Stern- Pissaro , Londres - UK
2005/2001: Salon d’Automne, Paris - France
2005 : Wimbledon Fine Art Gallery, Wimbledon - GB
2003/2005 : London Art Fair, Londres - GB
2004 : Exclusiv’o Galerie, Courtrait - Belgique
2004 : Art London, Londres - GB
2004: Wimbledon Fine Art Gallery, Wimbledon - GB
2003 : Affordable Art Fair, Londres - GB
2003 : ArtPaperFair, Londres - GB
2002 : Art Fair of Bristol, Bristol - GB

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